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FNR Recent News:

Here is our newest electronic, the TCC-13 and TCC-13B Amp. Click here to purchase.


FUnKNUg Electronics 

  Tube Overdrive     

(left) Our latest electronic, Vintage TUbE Killer. (right) AEA R84SLE Ribbon Mic; there are only 12 in exsistence. (Bottom) G-FUnK AMP.



Specialty Equipment




We are all about the raw mess music can be in our minds we are FUNKNUG

Here is Harold Copelin in the FNR Studio covering Crown the Empire





  FUnKNUg Records Studio is up and running, please contact us if you are interested in Recording, MasteringIn-House Disc Publishing & Packaging




FUnKNUg Funding/Building Neighborhood 1/2 Pipe



lFUnKNUg Productions, LLC

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